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Postpartum Doula

Even though it has been 15 years, Melissa still remembers those early times so vividly… Her daughter had just been born and here she was with the most beautiful baby she could have imagined. Yet, she felt sad, alone, scared, and insecure. “Is this normal? Why doesn’t she sleep? Will I even get a bath or shower? Is there anything for me to eat that is actually nourishing and sustaining for myself and my baby?” She was overwhelmed, unsure of just about everything she was doing, and felt more alone than ever thought possible. Even with extended family nearby, the support she received was minimal. Back then, she knew nothing of this magical Mary Poppins-like creature called a postpartum doula. Hindsight is 20/20, for sure. To have someone to come to your home, help to process the birth experience, walk through the basics of newborn care, and essentially help hold it all together would have been PRICELESS. 

A lifelong member of the Olympia community, Melissa is a postpartum doula, a 13-year registered nurse, and mama to 1 (almost 2!). Her passion is quite simply to serve you on your postpartum journey: emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She is currently in the Postpartum Doula certification process with Birth Arts International, as well as completing her Sacred Postpartum training as a Mother Roaster.