Womb Revolution

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Birthing From Within Inspired Workshops, Professional Birth Photography and Videography, Infant Sleep Education


During her first pregnancy, Marissa became fascinated with birth, reading all the books and absorbing information with enthusiasm. But nothing prepared her for the realities of having a baby and soon she realized that although there were plenty of resources available, it was quite overwhelming navigating the oceans of advice alone.
No one should feel alone when going through this important transition, but our society is set up in a way in which that happens easily. That's why Marissa decided to become a doula, going through three different training’s that allowed her to build a holistic practice to support growing families. In 2018 she started her path to become a Birthing From Within Mentor, with an awareness that although evidence-based information is an essential part of informed-decision making, it's equally important for pregnant people to develop and access their intuition and do the inner work.
Community is at the heart of Marissa’s practice. She helps her clients connect with other like minded parents-to-be, she helps them set up support systems, and she helps them set boundaries.
Her comprehensive prenatal meetings cover a lot of preparation for birth but go beyond that by including postpartum planning and a biologically normal infant sleep class.
Marissa's passion for her work translates into the very best care for her clients. She wants families to feel confident and prepared for birth and life with a baby.

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