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For your interest in joining the Olympia Doula Circle!
We feel strongly about building community and supporting each other as doulas!

Benefits of joining the Olmypia Doula circle include:

  • Your picture, biography, and email address listed on our website

  • Active participation in Meet the Doula Nights

  • Free advertising!

  • You can list yourself as a "Proud Member of The Olympia Doula Circle" on your business material

  • Networking, training, and birth processing opportunities

  • Several organized community outreach opportunities to be involved in per year

  • A fantastic support network of other local doulas

Want to join the Olympia Doula Circle?

If you're a local doula and you've decided to join the Olympia Doula Circle, we're excited to welcome you to the group! To join, you must attend a Meet the Doula Night, we meet at 6:00 pm which is an hour prior to the 7:00 start time of Meet the Doula Night. Please email us to let us know you will be attending and we will keep an eye out for you!

If you have already attended a meet the doula night and you are interested in joining the Olympia Doula Circle please fill out this form.

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If you have attended less than 25 births what certification organization are you certified or planning to certify through.
Please provide a one-paragraph bio that includes: Your name, your service area, and anything else you want potential clients to know about you. Please write in the 3rd person. (See current member bios for examples.)
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- You are either a certified birth doula, currently pursuing birth doula certification, or have attended at least 25 births - You have attended at least one Meet the Doula Night as an observer - You agree to make every effort to attend ODC meetings and functions. - Whenever possible, you agree to inform the group if you are unable to attend meetings for health or emergent reasons or if you're at a birth. Please note, children are welcome at meetings. - You agree to participate in online communication and will check our private facebook group at least weekly and respond to questions / comments that pertain to you - You agree to a $100 registration fee, and $50 membership renewal fee