Ovum Doula Care

Birth Doula, Fertility Support

Cali is a childcare worker, Birth Doula and passionate crafter from Boulder, Colorado. She is currently located in Olympia, WA and is an interdisciplinary student pursuing studies in Holistic Healthcare, Psychology, Reproductive anthropology, Fertility Awareness, and Midwifery. Her passion for birth work stems from her studies in somatic psychology and the belief that our bodies are innately capable of birthing, healing, experiencing pleasure and creating as our birth right and within safe circumstances. She aspires to become a Certified Nurse Midwife and to support birthers through pregnancy, labor, and being embodied in their fertility.

She recently became a trained Birth Doula through Bini Birth in L.A. and is in the process of becoming a certified birth doula through PALS Doulas. She is committed to health justice and an advocate for gender inclusivity and birth rights for people of color. She currently offers services as a birth and labour doula, as well as childcare support during birth.


Website: Ovum Doula Care